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Behind on your mortgage payments? Our Loan Modification Attorneys work with your lender to change to the terms of your original loan to prevent foreclosure proceedings.


About LV Loan modifications

We are a full service Debt Relief Law Firm serving all of Nevada, including Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, Pahrump, and Laughlin . We offer assistance with Home Loan Modifications, Foreclosure Mediation, Short Sales, Forbearances and Bankruptcy. We stop foreclosure, negotiate on your behalf, protect you and ensure you get the best deal from your lender*.

Loan Modification

Stop Foreclosure (Mediation)

Short Sale

Principal Reduction

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Loan Modification

Since 2008, we have helped thousands of homeowners save their home from foreclosure. In most cases, within one business day, we can stop foreclosure and the harassing phone calls.*

Our law firm assists Las Vegas homeowners stop and avoid foreclosure. We negotiate on your behalf and fight for the best deal from your lender.

The key to our high success rate is the fact that we “Pre-Qualify” you prior to taking your case.

How do we “Pre-Qualify” someone for a loan modification?

We have our own in-house underwriting staff who will review your financials and underwrite them prior to sending your paperwork to the lender. This not only shows the lender that you can meet their guidelines, but it makes it easy for them to say “Yes”, and if they still say “No”. We already have a detailed and documented case in order to make an immediate appeal.

What if I have previously been denied a loan modification?

Even if you have been denied over and over, don’t give up. Call us today for a second opinion. We are experts in identifying the reason you are being denied and addressing that issue with the bank. Additionally, once we “Pre-Qualify” a client, we have an extremely high success rate in obtaining an actual written offer from that client’s lender.

What is a Loan Modification?

A loan modification can bring your loan current, significantly lower your monthly mortgage payment and in some cases reduce the principal balance to the current market value if you are currently under water. We stop foreclosure, negotiate on your behalf and ensure you get the best deal from your lender.

Can someone outside the state of Nevada assist me with my Home Loan Modification?

The Short answer is no. Nevada Law states that a loan modification company MUST be licensed with the State of Nevada. It states they must be located in the State of Nevada and have a local physical office where you can go and meet with them face to face. It doesn’t matter if they are licensed in another State. It doesn’t matter if they only charge you after you are approved. It doesn’t matter if they are a real law firm or licensed attorney in another State.

Be aware, there are many scam artists claiming to be associated with an attorney’s office located outside of the State of Nevada. Unless you can meet face to face with the actual attorney, do not hire them.

Attorney Randolph Goldberg is a licensed attorney in the State of Nevada. He is in our local office daily and you can meet with him personally face to face to discuss your case.

Many homeowners have tried to get a loan modification on their own but have only gotten the run around.

If you’re tired of delays and need someone who will fight for you,
Call LV Loan Modifications today at (702) 304-7625 for a free consultation.


  1. Have you been told you do not qualify for a home loan modification in the past?

  2. Is your modified payment about to adjust?

  3. Has your income decreased or have you suffered a “New” hardship?

  4. Are you struggling with your current mortgage payment even after it had been modified?

  5. You may be able to modify a SECOND TIME or EVEN THIRD TIME if you are still struggling. *

If you have answered "Yes" to any of the above, contact us to confirm your eligibility for a loan modification program.

Foreclosure Mediation

Foreclosure Mediation in the State of Nevada

The State of Nevada has put into place a Foreclosure Mediation Program you can take advantage of to negotiate your mortgage terms and stop your foreclosure.* Foreclosure Mediation is an alternative method to help parties resolve disputes by agreement with the help of trained mediators.

Have you received a “Notice of Default and Election to Sell” notice?

If so your time to take action to save your home is very limited. We suggest you contact our office today for a free consultation so we may explain the process and your rights. We offer assistance with Foreclosure Mediation.

Short Sale

Short Sales in Las Vegas

A short sale is a sale of real estate in which the proceeds from selling the property will fall short of the balance of debts secured by liens against the property, and the property owner cannot afford to repay the liens’ full amounts, and whereby the lien holders agree to release their lien on the real estate and accept less than the amount owed on the debt. Any unpaid balance owed to the creditors is known as a deficiency. Short sale agreements do not necessarily release borrowers from their obligations to repay any deficiencies of the loans, unless specifically agreed to between the parties.

Why Come See Us First?

Rather than giving you a generic sales pitch, our staff will HONESTLY explain what options are best for your unique situation.
In doing so, we can ensure that you receive enough information that will allow you to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Additionally, you will speak with a licensed Real Estate Attorney regarding your short sale options. Attorney Randolph Goldberg is a Real Estate Attorney and our office staff has over 25 years of real estate and mortgage experience.

A Real Estate Agent or Attorney who claims to be an expert vs. an experienced Real Estate Attorney...

Only a Real Estate Attorney knows what your legal rights are and what the legal ramifications of a short sale will be for you. The laws regarding short sales are always changing. Our real estate attorney will be able to answer all the important questions, such as:

  • Will my lender be able to come after me for the balance?

  • When will I have to move out?

  • Can I rent the house back from whoever buys it?

  • What if the short sale doesn’t go through, then what?

  • Do I qualify for relocation assistance from my lender?

  • What happens to the second mortgage, if I have one?

Whatever the question…we have the answers. Come see us for a free consultation before hiring someone else. *

We Have Helped Homeowner’s...

  • Short Sale and receive “Cash for Keys” for relocation in amounts $3,000 to $25,000

  • Short Sale and ensure you are not liable for the remaining balance (Deficiency Balance)

If your attorney or real estate agent doesn’t explain ALL of the options, you may end up in big trouble down the road. With an experienced real estate attorney, we are experts that understand issues that may arise regarding title insurance, future possible lending issues and chain of title problems that you MUST know and understand before considering certain short sale programs.

Call 702-304-7625 today and come in for a free consultation and meet face to face with a real estate attorney.

Principal Reduction

Las Vegas Mortgage Principal Reductions

Principal Reductions are much more common today. Even if you have had a modification in the past, come see us, for a free consultation, and we may be able to obtain a second or third loan modification that includes a Principal Reduction. * Many lenders now reduce the balance as low as the current value. *

We are not like other law firms or companies that simply assist you with the paperwork. We fight for the lowest payment, interest rate and maximum principal reduction possible. *

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac finally agree to cut Mortgage Balances!

Thousands of homeowners will be eligible to have their mortgage balances cut under a plan approved by the federal regulator of mortgage-finance companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, according to people familiar with the matter.

The first step to seeing if you can finally get your principal balanced reduced is to contact us today!

Real Examples of Principal Reductions

See some real principal reductions that we have done for clients here:

Bankruptcy Filings


In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as “liquidation”, allows you to eliminate almost all of your debt without having to pay your creditors. Once those assets have been sold and the proceeds disbursed, any remaining debts are discharged by the bankruptcy court. The debtor emerges from the bankruptcy virtually debt-free, ready to make a fresh start.

A common misconception is that people have to sell off everything owned before they can receive a discharge of debt. This is not so. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy typically allows you to keep all of your property. A common misconception is that you will lose your primary residence or your motor vehicle if you file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Contrary to that belief, you may keep your primary residence and your motor vehicle provided you are current on the payments at the time of filing Bankruptcy and you agree to continue making payments to the secured creditor by executing a reaffirmation agreement.

Keep in mind, however, that not all debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy. For instance, student loans and government loans and certain tax debt are not generally dischargeable, and domestic relations orders such as child support obligations cannot be discharged. Again, qualified Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney, Randolph Goldberg, of LV Loan Modifications, can analyze your existing debt and let you know what a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can and can't do for you.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is most attractive to consumers with a large volume of unsecured debt, such as credit card debt or medical bills. A Chapter 7 filer will also need to have a monthly household income below the state median or satisfy a means test that shows your disposable income is low enough that you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you are not eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, or if your debt is mostly secured by property that you wish to keep, such as your home, you may want to consider filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead.

Our Las Vegas attorneys will meet with you personally and take the time to understand your unique situation and advise you on whether Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, or even a non-bankruptcy solution such as debt settlement, is best for you.


Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a different type of bankruptcy that is designed to assist those individuals and businesses who have assets they do not want to be liquidated and want the opportunity to pay off their debts over time. It is often referred to as the debt reorganization bankruptcy because it allows you three to five years to pay off your debts with no interest. Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires an individual or business to have a regular income sufficient to pay back their debts and allows people whose incomes are too high to qualify for Chapter 7 to still get the protection and debt relief bankruptcy provides.

Similar to other types of bankruptcy, once the process is begun, an automatic “stay” is issued to prevent bill collectors from contacting you any further. It can also protect you from the threat of foreclosure as long as you are able to work out maintaining your mortgage payments as part of your payment plan. With the help of your Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney, you will need to submit a full financial statement listing all your income, assets and liabilities along with your proposed repayment plan that can be made within your budget. You will be legally obligated to make your scheduled payment to the bankruptcy trustee who will then pay a portion to each of your creditors.

To help establish whether Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be the right solution for you consider the following circumstances:

  • You are not eligible for Chapter 7 due to your income or assets

  • Your home is being threatened with foreclosure due to delinquent payments

  • You do have a steady income but have fallen behind on your bills

  • You are facing repossession of your car, truck or boat

  • You are being constantly harassed by collection agencies and creditors


A Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment plan is commonly known as a “wage earner's plan.” Chapter 13 bankruptcy is most appropriate if you have a steady job or other regular source of income and can devote a portion of your disposable income to a monthly payment plan. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also appropriate if you have large amounts of debt which is secured by collateral, such as home loans, car loans, or appliances and furnishings that you bought on credit. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to keep your assets while also becoming debt-free over time. In addition to your own financial responsibility, you may want to consider whether any of these loans were co-signed by friends or family members. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can protect them from having their property attacked to satisfy your debt.

Every situation is unique. Whether you should file Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Chapter 7 bankruptcy or consider another option such as debt settlement depends upon your goals and your own particular combination of assets, liabilities, income and expenses. The first step is to sit down with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to discuss these matters. If you are in the Las Vegas or Henderson area and need to find an effective solution to unmanageable debt, contact our firm for a free consultation.


Modifying a Las Vegas real estate mortgage in a Chapter 13 used to be a burdensome affair. Since the debtor and creditor are required to agree on a modification of mortgage terms, delays often meant modification went by the wayside.

But the US Bankruptcy Court for Southern District of Nevada is attempting to streamline the modification process and bring parties to the bargaining table as soon as possible. Once at the bargaining table, the Court will assign a trained mediator to persuade the parties to reach an agreement.

Streamlined procedures for the Mortgage Modification Mediation (MMM) Program include:

  • The debtor has 90 days from the beginning of the case to file an application for MMM;

  • If the debtor recommends a mediator, the lender has only three days to object to the mediator. If an objection is filed, the clerk will select a mediator;

  • After the order for mediation is filed, the lender has seven days to remit a mediator's fee of $300;

  • The debtor has seven days to submit the modification package electronically and pay a $40 fee;

  • Once a mediator has been selected and has reviewed the debtor(s) documents, a preliminary mediation meeting is scheduled;

  • If no agreement is reached, a final conference must be held within 30 days;

  • The time from the initial filing of the MMM request to final meeting must not exceed 150 days total;

  • If a mortgage modification is agreed, payments will be made through the Trustee;

  • Other real estate provisions, such as catching up on a mortgage in arrears, still apply, whether or not an agreement is reached.

The streamlined process is a strong victory for homeowners, who have had their requests to modify delayed too long in the past. Now, the borrower will have a timely decision and can proceed with their bankruptcy accordingly.

Bankruptcy is a complicated process for those not familiar with the rules and procedures. Attempting to “go it alone” is a path filled with risks. Meeting with one of the qualified Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys at Gold Medal Law for a consultation is a great way to determine eligibility, your rights and responsibilities involved and how the MMM program may benefit you and your Chapter 13.

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